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2709, 2017

Ooo Shiny new cards #Essen2017 #EssenSpiel2017


Currently Getting Boxed and Shipped to Germany!

1209, 2017

New Releases For 20017

New Releases for Essen 2017 #Essen2017 #EssenSpiel2017 #FreodGames
See you at Hall 7 C-119

2708, 2017

Essen 2017 – New Game – Crop Circles

Freod Games is pleased to announce another new game for release at Essen 2017. Crop Circles, a 2-4 player card game of bluff and strategy.  #essen2017 #essenspiel #cardgames

2708, 2017

Essen 2017 – New Game – Surge : Battle for the Oleshky Sands

Freod is pleased to announce a new game to be released at Essen 2017. Surge – Battle for the Oleshky Sands. A two player strategy game. 

2608, 2017

Essen 2017 – New Game – Colour Blind

2408, 2017

Essen 2017 Can Only Mean One Thing… New Games!!!

Introducing Black Sheep


2803, 2017

Sneak Peak #3 : That’s no moon. #PaintTheBoardGame

1703, 2017

Sneak Peak #2 : What’s the time Mr Wolf?


1003, 2017

Today’s Tongue Twister “Sarge is surging ahead surely with Surge”

203, 2017

Sneak Peaks #1 : Miles the wild man of prototyping.

Another hard day at the office. Working on “Firestorm”.

811, 2016

Store is Open!

Red Head copy

The shop is now open for Distributors to purchase. We will list Retailers soon for those that wish to buy single copies of our great games.

908, 2016

Releases at Essen – Hall 7 E102

Purple tongue copy

It is confirmed, we’ll see you there at Essen! Hall 7 E102

1403, 2016

Freod is going to Essen 2016!

Green head copy

Awesome News to Announce , It looks like we’ll be having a booth at Essen 2016!